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Bar and Counter Stools

Curate the perfect atmosphere for your home bar with our Bar and Counter Stools. Explore a variety of designs that seamlessly blend style and functionality. 

How to Select the Optimal Stool Height for Your Home

Stools offer versatile seating solutions that can elevate both the functionality and aesthetic appeal of various spaces, whether it's your kitchen, patio, or living room. However, determining the correct stool height involves more than just considering visual preferences. In this informative guide, we'll walk you through the steps of accurately measuring stool height, strategizing for multiple stools, and choosing the ideal style to harmonize with your home decor.

How tall are bar stools?

Bar stools are the tallest type of stool and have seat heights between 29”-32” (74-81 cm). Bar height stools should be used for bar counter heights between 40”-42” (102-107 cm).

How tall are counter height stools?

Counter height stools have seat heights between 23”-28” (58-71 cm). Counter height stools should be used with table and counter heights between 35”-37” (89-94 cm).

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