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The Story of Kurt's Deco

About Us

Furniture is the backdrop of life. Here’s my story.

I’ve lived in a college apartment, where my pre-owned futon was my bed, desk, sofa and, let’s be honest, dining table. I moved to New York City with two suitcases and an entry-level job, but tried to make my apartment look like I was a grown-up. My next pad, where I started my first business while working full-time, was furnished from big-box furniture retailers. Its style and tidiness, at least relative to other young bachelors, was enough to impress my then-girlfriend, who would later become my spouse. We now live in a house in North Carolina. These days the first question we have to ask ourselves when considering a piece of furniture is whether or not our toddler and the piece in question could destroy each other. 

I’m still someone who looks for well-designed, high-quality furniture at an affordable price. Whether you’re decorating a special new place to live, revamping a tired room, or outfitting your business to be comfy for your customers, we’ll have something for you.

Here’s what you can expect from Kurt’s Deco:


We supply decor that is functional, versatile, and with a touch of unexpected, creative detail. Our timeless pieces complement pieces you already have and will never go out of style (at least until we all live on the moon.)


I’ve applied my years of experience in the furniture business to select items of the highest quality materials and structure. Offering high-quality pieces is also a part of our commitment to sustainability: our furniture is designed to last. 


We will always give you our best price. We are a lean, efficient team with no middlemen. We select pieces that are priced within reach of hard-working businesses, families like ours, and people in many stages of life.


We support our customers with friendly, prompt service. We are thoughtful about every inquiry, and we often go beyond simply answering a question to sharing our experience and knowledge so that you become more informed and better able to select the right piece for you. Once you place an order on your favorite new pieces, it will ship right away from within the US.

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